“Far from scandalous and dangerous, as some have charged, belief in ‘one true God’ is the most influential and innovative belief in all human history. Chan Kei Thong’s fascinating study of this belief in China’s great history is a vital piece in a wider discussion that is crucial for our global age.”

Dr. Os Guinness, author of The Call and Unspeakable: Facing up to the Challenge of Evil

"Faith of Our Fathers is a remarkable achievement, a profound examination of China's cultural origins and history as a reflection of a continuous Chinese cultural sense of a connection with the divine.  From the earliest Chinese dynasties to the fully developed imperial tradition of the Qing, Chan Kei Thong reveals a persistent thread of Chinese theistic longing that parallels in a remarkable way the search of ancient Israel for a covenant with the true God.  He also demonstrates that, as the Jesuit scholars of China – Ricci, Schall and Verbiest – understood clearly and as the 19th century Protestant Sinologist James Legge confirmed, Chinese classical literature is entirely consistent with Christian revelation.  This book is already having a profound impact in China in a Chinese version.  Everyone interested in Christianity in China should read it."

Dr. David Aikman, author of Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity is Transforming China and Changing the World Balance of Power and former Beijing bureau chief for Time Magazine

“If recent trends continue, the major religious story of the 21st century will be China's becoming the global center of evangelical Christianity. If that happens, it will be because of God's grace and the realization among Chinese that faith in the Creator is not a foreign implant but an indigenous growth. In this book, Chan Kei Thong skillfully marshals the evidence concerning early Chinese worship, showing how for thousands of years Chinese worshipped and offered sacrifices to Shang Di, a Supreme Being with characteristics similar to those of the God of the Bible.  He shows how Matteo Ricci and other dedicated missionaries labored to bring the one bit of news from Western Asia that would complete Chinese understanding: that the Christ had come and had risen, indeed. Christians and non-Christians in both China and America should read this book and rejoice.”

Marvin Olasky, editor-in-chief of World Magazine , professor at The University of Texas at Austin, and senior fellow of the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty

“Faith of Our Fathers confirms that China once had an age of faith, and that age was China's first golden age. The God whom the emperor-sages Yao, Shun and Yu believed in was the same God as the Hebrew God.  This answers one of the two great questions in my heart, which was: How is it that of all the nations of the world, only China has had such a long and uninterrupted history?  It is because of this age of faith, and this faith has been like a river that has flowed throughout the whole of Chinese civilization. It was this constant faith of the Chinese people toward Shang Di that supported the continuation of the Chinese civilization.  My second question was this: Are Chinese culture and Christianity at odds with one another?  The answer: Absolutely not.  The key is which period of Chinese history we look at.  During the age of the sages, when 'the Great Way was in force over all the world,' the faith that is the root of Chinese culture is actually spiritually compatible with Christian culture.”

Dr. Zhao Xiao, economist, professor of economics in the Management School of Beijing's Science and Technology University; former head of the China State Council's Macro Strategy Department; proponent of  the role of God and faith in China's transition to a market economy.

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